You know when people say you should really write a book.

Weeeellllllll, I did. I wrote several books.

The Rules of Jo.
It's free! Click to download. It's 34 pages of awesomeness.

The Peterson Gang Series

Muriel Chesterton is a character in my first series, The Peterson Gang so I made her the author.

The Peterson Gang: Unlikely Friendships
In September 1946 a group of strangers enroll in a secretarial course at the Peterson Business College. The unlikely post war friendships produce a lifetime of adventures. Doris is a shy minister's daughter. Edith is a twice married former burlesque dancer. Mary does not suffer fools gladly and is the object of affection by love struck Matt. Lucille is a farm girl who dares to start her own business. Shirley battles racial prejudice and her own ambition. Together they fumble their way through America's post war boom with hilarious results.

The Peterson Gang: Settling Down
The Peterson Gang is back with more adventures. The friends have put the war years behind them and are enjoying to joys and pitfalls of marriage and family. Life in Stirling is never boring and everyone struggles to grasp the difficulties of marriage, sexuality, infertility and racism.

The Peterson Gang: Changes
The 1950s bring new ups and downs at home and on the job. The Peterson Gang tackle these challenges with humor and buffoonery.

The Peterson Gang: Rock 'n' Roll
Rock and Roll invades Stirling New York and it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Here's a sneak peak!

“Look at this,” said Ben, shoving a bar of soap at her. Ben always unwrapped soap and let it dry in the cupboard because the bars lasted longer.
“It’s a bar of soap,” said Doris. She put down her satchel on the desk and walked to the bedroom to change. She was wearing her nice tweed suit and did not want to spill anything on it.
“It’s fraud!” yelled Ben. Doris sighed and gave up the idea of a quiet evening. She hung up her suit and blouse and removed her stockings. She changed into her khakis and a sweater and emerged from the bedroom.
“Why is your soap fraudulent?” she asked impulsively and instantly regretted her question. Ben showed her another bar.
“I bought this one months ago,” Ben liked to stock up on certain items. “And it’s clearly bigger.”
“Uh huh.”
“This bar is the same price. The same goddamn price but smaller.”
“That’s terrible Ben,” she said, not hiding her sarcasm. Brad scribbled some figures on a piece of paper. “It’s eleven percent smaller.”
“Did you hear that Dorie?”
“Yes Ben. I’m standing right here.” She walked to the kitchen and found a Coke in the fridge. She opened one and gulped it from the bottle and let out a little belch.
“Every ninth bar is basically profit for the soap people,” said Ben. “Cocksuckers!”
“That’s a little harsh,” said Brad. You should not use the word cocksucker around a woman. Even a Bohemian one like Doris.
“Ben if you are so upset with the soap people just use a different brand,” said Doris.
“This is the only brand that doesn’t make my skin itchy.”
“Well, I guess soap inflation will be the death of us,” said Doris. She sat on the couch and gave Zippy a scratch behind her ear and a kiss.
“I don’t think she’s taking this very seriously Ben,” said Brad. Doris got up from the couch and open the fridge and gave Brad a beer. He was much friendlier now that he no longer worked at Maynard’s. Brad busied himself by packing the cabbage into a jar.
“Well, I’m just gonna give up on soap,” declared Ben.
“Oh you don’t want to do that,” said Doris. She was in the last few weeks of her Pre American Revolution America course and at the very beginning of the course she learned that the Wampanoag Indians found the Pilgrims very smelly.
“No soap!” yelled Ben.
“Fine,” said a resigned Doris. “If you want to sleep on the sofa bed.”
“I bet you, I will smell just fine after a week,” said Ben.
“I think this a bad idea,” said Brad. Ben, you are an idiot. If he had a girl in his bed every night he would make sure he smelled good.
“Thank you Brad.”
“I think Dorie’s afraid to lose the bet,” said Ben. Oh Ben, why do you vex me?
“Okay Benjamin, I bet that after seven days you will stink to high heaven.”
“And if I win, you can to make me breakfast,” he said.
“In the nude.”
“Oh hell’s bells Ben,” yelled Doris and she threw a dishrag at him.

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