You know when people say you should really write a book.

Weeeellllllll, I did. I wrote several books.

The Rules of Jo.
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The Peterson Gang Series

The Peterson Gang: Changes

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Doris was asked to see Mr. Willow and this request did not surprise her because she was responsible for breaking down Leo’s client billing and on occasion Mr. Willow reviewed the figures. She picked up her notebook (Willow gave orders to any secretary, not just his, so it was best to be prepared and anticipate) and the latest billing information and walked down the hall to his office.
“Miss Dumont have a seat,” he said. This was rare. Usually he took her billing report, asked a few questions and dismissed her. She took a seat and prepared to take notes.
“Miss Tunis is taking a vacation. Going to visit family in Florida. I can’t say that I blame her,” he said as he looked out the window. It was overcast and dull outside. Doris did not mind winter as long as the sun was shinning. It was best to get out and do things in winter! “As the most senior of the associates’ secretary you will be taking her place for two weeks.”
“Me?” she asked. “I can’t be the senior secretary here? I’ve only worked here for just over two years.”

“The girls come and go yet you’ve elected to stay so this makes you the most senior of the girls.” Doris took no offense to the term girls, more so to senior. It made her sound like a gray haired spinster.
“Wow, almost two and a half years. Where does the time go?”
“Yes Miss Dumont, it’s a mystery. Miss Tunis will leave you a list of instructions.” Do I have a say in this she thought.
“What about Mr. Cole? He still needs a secretary.” As if Cole has a say in things thought Willow, this is a law firm, not a democracy.
“Mrs. Deacon is going to loan him a girl from the typing pool. Margaret is her name.”
“She’s a Peterson girl,” she said in the same way that Willow would say he’s a Harvard man. She’ll keep Leo on track. Perhaps she should write out a few instructions for Margaret.
“Your hours will be longer, that won’t be a problem will it?”
“No Mr. Willow. Helps fill the time when Ben is away. The railroad is especially busy right now.” Cutbacks. Doing more with less and Ben was worried about safety. She hoped he did not start smoking again like during the war when safety was an afterthought.
“Ah yes, that buffoon of a boyfriend.” Matt was more of a buffoon than Ben but she kept quiet. “Oh Mr. Willow, he rings his bike bell and waves at you on Factory Row to tease you. It’s harmless fun. Silly men games.” Mr. Willow looked up and wore a perplexed look.
“I assure you Miss Dumont I do not participate in any silly men games.
“Really? You never hurled a friendly insult at a pal or say punched your brother for no reason?” The Tees seldom ate a meal without punching or insults. All the Pierces were terrible for teasing. Matt and Lauren often regressed into children during family dinners and Anne threatened to send them to their rooms.
“My brother is head of orthopedic surgery at Boston General. We have little time for punching.

Muriel Chesterton is a character in my first series, The Peterson Gang so I made her the author.

The Peterson Gang: Unlikely Friendships
In September 1946 a group of strangers enroll in a secretarial course at the Peterson Business College. The unlikely post war friendships produce a lifetime of adventures. Doris is a shy minister's daughter. Edith is a twice married former burlesque dancer. Mary does not suffer fools gladly and is the object of affection by love struck Matt. Lucille is a farm girl who dares to start her own business. Shirley battles racial prejudice and her own ambition. Together they fumble their way through America's post war boom with hilarious results.

The Peterson Gang: Settling Down
The Peterson Gang is back with more adventures. The friends have put the war years behind them and are enjoying to joys and pitfalls of marriage and family. Life in Stirling is never boring and everyone struggles to grasp the difficulties of marriage, sexuality, infertility and racism.

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