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About VDSL
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New! June 3rd, 2010 - Quebec VDSL Discontinued
Quebec VDSL customers are receiving letters indicating that the VDSL service will be discontinued.

If you get a call from a Quebec VDSL client inquiring about the letter, please warm transfer them to the Privilege Queue at 1-866-635-8375 for account modifications.

About VDSL
1. VDSL service does not require filters for the phone(s).

2. VDSL service service cannot be installed on a dry loop.

3. VDSL service uses the 6520 modems for wireless connections except for Max 16 and Fibe 25. These services are on a Dry Loop in VDSL buildings. Max 16 uses a 2wire modem/router, whereas Fibe 25 uses the Cellpipe/Linksys combo.

4. The maximum speed a VDSL Performance customer can obtain is 5MB. The signal is split between the TV and internet services (10MB & 5MB respectively). The only way they can obtain a higher speed is upgrade to Max 16.

5. Customers who wish to cancel the VDSL TV service, must get their VDSL internet changed over to a regular DSL connection. This is processed through the Privilege Queue at 1-866-635-8375.

6. If a customer wishes to modify their VDSL internet service, please warm transfer the customer to the privilege queue customer service department at 1-866-635-8375.

7. Modem exchanges and return kits are done through Remedy. Save create a ticket as "VDSL Modem Mailout"

8. A USB connection from the 6520 router to a computer will not work.

9. Fibe 25 is incompatible in VDSL buildings. Please transfer customer to the Privilege Queue if they wish to switch to regular Fibe25 service.

Billing/Upgrade Inquiries
When you get any VDSL calls and the customer is requesting billing support or upgrade, here’s the proper procedure to follow from now on: Privilege Q 1-866-635-8375 (Option 2 & 2 again)
* Account Cancellation
* Upgrade / Downgrade
* Change from VDSL to DSL
* Billing Inquiries (Bill Balance, Payments, etc…)
* Contract Renewal

If, during a call Privilege Queue or Bell Internet Business Office and they refuse to take the call, please make sure to get their Name & Agent ID and we will make sure they get receive coaching.

Connectivity Failure
1. Check System Stats for outages
2. Check if the TV is working. If TV service is not working call CPOC. CPOC ON 1 866 915 3212 Mon-Sun 8:00-21:00
3. Check physical set up - ie no filters for VDSL service
4. Reboot computer
5. Attempt to connect with the broadband connection

Connectivity Errors
Note! No DSL light appears on 6520 modem.

691 - Authentication
Reset the password and ensure customer is typing in the correct B1****## and access password. If that fails, try:
username = test@test password = test
If this does not resolve the issue, call CPOC. CPOC ON 1 866 915 3212 Mon-Sun 8:00-21:00

Error 769 - The specified destination is not reachable
It's most likely the NIC that is disabled. Check the NIC.

Error 678 - There was no answer
1. Recreate the broadband connection
2. Call CPOC to make sure the customer has a connection.
3. Disable firewall.
4. Reinstall NIC.
5.Reset TCP/IP Protocol
6. If this does not resolve the issue, contact CPOC for a service call.

Tip! Remember EasyTech appointments are for computer issues only. They have very limited training for VDSL technology.

Customer Service / privilege 1-866-635-8375 (VDSL)
CPOC Ontario 1-866-915-3212
Dispatch 1-866-337-4616
HSC 1-613-564-3393

General Troubleshooting
1. Power cycle the modem.
2. If the customer is physically unable to perform this task, call CPOC and they can do it remotely.
3. Check System Stats for outages.
4. Check if the TV is working. If TV is not working call CPOC.
CPOC ON 1 866 915 3212 (speed dial 09) Mon-Sun 8:00-21:00.
5. Clear cache and have the customer attempt to browse to bell.ca.
6. Check physical set up - ie no filters for VDSL service. The ethernet cable connection from the Motorola is:

6520 = port # 4
6300 = port # 5
7. Reboot computer and power cycle the modem.

Modem Swap
Need a new modem? Remember you cannot exchange a modem in SIMPLe for VDSL customers. Follow the VDSL Modem Mailout process. Confirm the client's address and place the info in your ticket, note "6520" in the Remedy memo field and assign it to SYM-HSE-Slippage for a manual mail-out.

Make sure you get the correct Mac OS before troubleshooting.
Note! Remember the 6520 modem firmware does not work with Safari.

VDSL Max 16
Note! All VDSL Max 16 customers are connected via a 2Wire modem and the DSL light will be solid green
if client has sync.

1. Power cycle 2Wire
2. Verify that B1****## and access password are correct.
3. Try creating a broadband connection? Can't connect? No, call CPOC.
4. If the wired modem connection does not work, follow the computer troubleshooting steps.

* Disable firewall.
* Reinstall NIC.
* Reset TCP/IP Protocol
5. If this does not resolve the issue, contact CPOC for a service call.CPOC ON 1 866 915 3212 Mon-Sun 8:00-21:00

VDSL Appointments
Tip! If you are trying to see an appointment in FWFM, you will need to add VDSL to the end of the phone number.
If the customer's phone number is (905) 555-6666, then in FWFM enter 9055556666VDSL and pressSubmit. This will show you all VDSL-related appointments.

Clients often call with a wireless issue and router configurations must be redone. Configuring the wireless is easier if a wired connection is set up. Agents can use Log Me In, to configure both the customer's modem and computer. If the client does not have an extra ethernet cable to connect to the router you may have to call CPOC for a tech appointment.

In order to access the 6520 firmware, you can try a direct connection from the 6520 modem to the computer to configure the wireless settings. Keep in mind that many customers are seniors and are physically unable to set up a wired connection. Call CPOC (CPOC ON 1 866 915 3212 Mon-Sun 8:00-21:00) to book a tech.

1. Unplug the Ethernet cable from port 4 on the router and plug it into port 1,2 or 3.

2. Unplug the Ethernet cable from ExpressVu and plug it into P.C

3. Login to and go through setup.

4. After entering the User ID/Pass you will get an error as there is no connection to the EXVU receiver.

5. Press “Back” and a “Skip” option will be available to continue wireless configurations.

6. Once the setup is finished, reverse step 1 and 2.

7. Setup the PC wireless adapter.

8. Is the customer able to connect with a wired connection but unable to connect wirelessly? Check the wireless card on the computer.

9.Type > basic set up > (left side) How do I check if my home network is working properly?

If the wireless is not working properly, reset modem to factory default:

10. > basic set up > How do I restart my Home Networking modem or reset it back to the original factory settings? > Reset to Factory Defaults.Reconfigure.
If this does not resolve the issue, contact CPOC for a service call.CPOC ON 1 866 915 3212 Mon-Sun 8:00-21:00