Tech Writing Stuff

Download the full manual of the Graphic Display Interface User's Guide.

Think technical writing is always technical? Download the rules and policies for my condo building.

Sequence Controls manuals must be small enough to be printed on sheet of legal paper, folded and placed in a small box. The Sequence AST airswitch operating instructions allow the bathtub manufacturer to configure the airswitch for a single or variable speed pump or blower.

The Image System Jetted Bathtub Controller allows the user to control the intensity, time and temperature for a whirlpool bath. This manual was written for the end user.

Powerbase ProSCADA help files

A little blur about cheat sheets!

Phone Instruction Cheat sheet
I won $500 for designing a cheat sheet about how to use the phone. Unfortunately many of the phone in the call centre did not have words on the buttons, just symbols. This cheat sheet was placed in all the cubicles as a quick reference for agents.

Sample of an internal help page for an older bell internet service called VDSL. There was no documentation or training provided to agents so I took all my notes and made an easy to navigate HTML help page.

* apologies to the one man who read a manual.