What We Do!

1. I am not a typist, document formatter, comma inserter, or receptionist!!!

2. I save the organization MONEY by anticipating user questions and addressing user information needs in the documentation, thereby reducing the demand for technical support.

3. While my skills and knowledge may differ from software developers and engineers, they are nonetheless technical in my field; I am not a “non-technical” professional.

4. I make subject-matter experts appear more articulate in customer documentation.

5. I transform and organize the raw information and disjointed ideas found in specs and customer documents.

6. I fill in gaps in thinking to help customers use your products.

7. I use my excellent language skills and apply them to all projects.

8. I make technical documentation organization invisible to the user.

9. I remove irrelevant detail from customer documentation so as not to confuse the reader/user.

10. I make suggestions for improvements; I do not demand changes without reason.

11. I try to maintain a constant style; I do not alter that style without just cause.

12. I advise where rewriting is needed; I do not rewrite on a grand scale, unless asked.

13. I am an expert in the publishing process, which means I can do it quicker and right the first time.

14. I am a generalist who juggles many concurrent projects; I can also be a focused specialist.

15. I work hard to grasp technical concepts and see the product from the user's view.

16. I use digital architectures (PDF, HTML, WINHELP.) to relay information to customers in a variety of media.